Dam & Flood Mitigation Works


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Sideling Creek Dam Upgrade

Location: Petrie, Qld, Aus
Client: Fulton Hogan
Scope: Reinforcement and raising of the existing dam spillway walls and construction of downstream erosion protection works
Duration: 12 months

DF Sideling Creek Dam Upgrade

Barbers Creek Flood Regulators

Location: Barham, NSW, Aus
Client: Fulton Hogan
Scope: Construction of concrete flood regulator structure.
Duration: 12 months

DF Barbers Creek Flood Regulators

Gladstone Seawall Culvert

Location: Gladstone, Qld, Aus
Client: Abigroup
Scope: Construction of multi-cell sea culvert
Duration: 6 months

DF Gladstone Seawall Culvert