Silverstrand operates Management Systems in Quality, Environment and Health and Safety that have been third party certified to the following standards:

These Management Systems assist Silverstrand personnel in the management of all projects to ensure that objectives and requirements of the company and the client are achieved.


In addition to our Management System, Silverstrand has also established policies in Quality, Environment and Health and Safety, that provide a framework for setting the business objectives, support the strategic direction of the company and provide a commitment to comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards.


Silverstrand is committed to providing a quality service and product in accordance with the customers’ requirements and in line with all regulatory requirements. It is our objective to:

  • Provide exceptional service and reliability;
  • Provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personnel;
  • Provide value for money using only sustainable and quality materials;
  • Satisfy our clients requirements, industry regulators and staff;
  • Provide our services in a professional and ethically responsible manner; and
  • Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction by providing a quality product and service on time and under budget.
Click here to view a copy of our Quality Policy


Silverstrand strives for environmental excellence and compliance in all our actives and as a part of our commitment to the environment. It is our objective to:

  • Take accountability for the effectiveness of our environmental performance;
  • Provide adequate resources for environmental management;
  • Minimise pollution and other contaminants from our works by developing Environmental Management Plans, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Work Methods that reduce the risk of environmental damage; and
  • Provide training and guidance to all employees, sub-contractors and clients on environmental awareness.
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It is the responsibility of Silverstrand to ensure the safety of our employees, sub-contractors, customers, visitors and the general public who may be effected by our construction activities or while one a Silverstrand controlled worksite or office. Silverstrand are committed to Zero Harm with some of our objectives being:

  • Prevent injury and illness through safe systems of work for all employees, subcontractors and visitors;
  • Abide by all statutory and regulatory obligations and pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements;
  • Provide the necessary WHS training for all staff to safely carry out their jobs;
  • Consult with staff to identify and control risks; and
  • Set and monitor WHS improvement objectives and targets.
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