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Median Infills and Bikeway Construction

Project Title: Feeder Stations, Bollingbroke
Client: Lend Lease
Location: Brisbane, Qld
Duration: 3 Months
Scope of Works:

Silverstrand fulfilled the role of Principal Contractor on this project as part of Lend Lease Services Road Asset Management Contract with a scope that included the upgrade and construction of in excess of 12 number of road center median strips and 1,500m of bikeways including all earthworks, service location, concrete works and traffic management.

  • Night Works from 6pm to 5am
  • Traffic management
  • Service location and relocation
  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • Clear, grub, cut and fill 8,000sqm area
  • Excavation and removal of existing kerbing and concrete
  • Supply, place and compact sub base layer
  • Raising and lowering of existing electrical pits
  • Installation of 1,000m of slip form kerbing
  • Form/reo/pour concrete to medians (8,000m2)
  • Form/reo/pour concrete to bikeways (2,500m2)
  • Saw cutting of concrete and construction of joints
  • Reinstatement of all asphalt and line marking
  • Supply of all labour, materials and plant

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